Inside thousands of homes across rural El Salvador, families use open, wood-burning fires to prepare their daily meals. This cooking method has devastating effects.


Open-fire cooking stoves... 

  • Devastate lives. 18% of all deaths of children under five in El Salvador are attributed to respiratory infection often caused by smoke in the home. Millions of children all over the world die from smoke inhalation in developing countries every year.
  • Waste time and money. Wood costs the average poor family up to 25% of their income. Gathering wood can consume up to 20% of a person’s time. 
  • Ravage the environment. Open cooking fires use much more wood than necessary. Deforestation has led to soil erosion, crop and water table damage, and fatal mudslides.

People in El Salvador are desperate for change and the answer is very simple. 


  • Save lives. Smoke that once permeated the home and a family's lungs, is now contained in a chimney, reducing respiratory infections by 60%.
  • Save time and money. Using affordable, locally available materials and the help of a friend, a family can build a stove in an afternoon. And because the fire burns more efficiently, a typical impoverished family can spend less time foraging for wood and increase their income by 25%.
  • Save trees. By enclosing the cooking fire, wood consumption is reduced by 66%.

Just $200 makes one family’s kitchen a safe place to gather!